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About GuerillaPress

Guerillapress is a multimedia service with more than fifteen years of involvement in graphic design, videography, and illustration. All visitors are invited to become a part of the GuerillaPress Network.

What we provide?

Powerful solutions for your visual needs.

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Beware of artists. They mix with all classes of society and are therefore most dangerous.

-- Queen Victoria --


"Design is where science and art break even."

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Design doesn't have to be subjective. GuerillaPress can find the right answer in the execution of your project.

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Our Testimonials

  • Scott’s work surprises me every time. The requirements are always fulfilled, but he also consistently takes the project somewhere new, to a place I hadn’t considered.  His design sense is excellent. There are a lot of good designers out there. Scott is unique in that his design is idea driven. GuerillaPress design is more than a pretty face, it’s conceptual and smart.

    Adam Lowery, CD/Copywriter - RPA Advertising/Santa Monica
  • I have worked with Guerilla Press on multiple projects, and have been extremely impressed with the results. Not only is Scott expedient in turnaround, but I always receive more than I ask for! The graphic design is phenomenal, and now editing? No need to look for two people, when GuerillaPress can handle it all under one roof.

    Brad Mashore - Producer/Set Manager, "The Dr. Drew Show," and "The Tyra Banks Show"
  • Over the years, Scott has handled our jobs with professionalism and perfect creativity. He doesn’t require much instruction about what we need, but he always seems to give us just what we want. I personally ONLY deal with GuerillaPress for my articles and projects, because of Scott’s fine standards.

    J. Anaya, Music Editor, Clout Magazine

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